Geothermal Energy Montana is an LLC located in Butte, Montana.

Geothermal Energy Montana (GEM) was established to develop geothermal energy resources. The need for alternate renewable energy sources is of great concern in the global market. GEM has obtained a geothermal development lease in Butte, MT at the Bell-Diamond mine site. GEM plans to develop the site with enhanced geothermal energy technology.

Why Butte, Montana? Butte has a network of existing mine shafts that will make access to geothermal energy easier. It is our plan to establish a platform to access and deliver energy to the power grid. The need to deliver clean energy exists in Butte and across Montana. Accessing this energy is affordable and we at GEM are here to make it happen.

The owners of GEM are from Butte and have had family in the area for over 130 years. They are committed to the community and committed to the preservation and integrity of the mining city.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Geothermal Energy Montana to continually search for, implement and develop sustainable, responsible and affordable solutions for clean, renewable energy, for our generation and generations to come.

Our Vision

It is our vision to be leaders in sustainable and responsible clean energy development in Montana and across the United States. We are targeting to be at the forefront of clean energy development for our families and our nation.

Geothermal Energy Montana is a division of Park Street Properties, LLC